Holistic Agile Management


Fomented Druckerist Culture

All too frequently “Corporate Culture” is nothing more than a buzz-word and at best only receives lip service. 

That’s a mistake. 

It’s a mistake you should hope your competitors make because Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast.   


The Hat Trick




Product success requires all company functions are in alignment with the Product Strategy. The Product Manager, therefore, must provide leadership that this alignment is curated and promote Agile operational practices throughout the organization.


Mad Hatter

The role requires very broad acumen and is accountable for effectively running multiple and disparate business functions simultaneously. This of course is commonly described as “wearing many hats”.

It follows then that whoever in charge of the holistic operations of a company must be a Mad Hatter.

Lots of Hats

Product Operations

· Scrum Master 

· Product Management

· Development Planning

· Process Optimization

· Design-Think & Guided Ideation 

· Journey Mapping

· Process Optimization

· Aesthetic Theory

Agile Enterprise Operations

· Agile Coach 

· Bootstrapping Business Practices

· CRM Administration & Tactics

· New Market Testing & Penetration

· IT & Infrastructure Management 

· Facilities Design and Management

· Accountability Systems

People Operations

· HR Administration

· Recruiting and Personality Assessment

· Collaborative Team Building & Morale

· Strategic Employee Engagement 

· HRIS, ATS & Payroll Systems

· H1B1 Administration

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

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